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For the forlorn, but not the forgotten


released April 30, 2011

On this recording The Manichean are…
Cory Sinclair
Justice Tirapelli-Jamail

Recorded at Apt. IV in The City Of Montrose, Houston, TX
Produced by Justice Tirapelli-Jamail and Cory Sinclair
Engineered by Cory Sinclair at Apt. IV
With the exception of
"Laughter (Sigh)"
Recorded at Houston Community College in Houston, TX
Engineered by Jerry Stokes
Mixed and mastered by Omar Al-Bochi

All songs written by Justice Tirapelli-Jamail (2011 4k35/ASCAP)
And Cory Sinclair (2011 SinisterPurity/ASCAP)
With the exception of
“There There (The Bony King Of Nowhere)”
Originally composed, recorded and performed by Radiohead
Artwork by Cameron Kolaja
Border and formatting by Shelby Hohl
Cory and Justice thank Cameron Kolaja for his love
And for all that he has contributed to
The Manichean


all rights reserved



The Manichean Houston, Texas

We are here to change you, to sway you and stain you with breathlessness and reverence. Our live performances are an affair of sweat and lust and limbs akimbo. The story we're telling is one of death and resurrection, love and insanity. We are a collective of revenants. We are The Manichean. ... more

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Track Name: The Kamenicean
Spare me the motive.
You speak with your motion
For all the living, all the dead,
Proof of which the moon is red.
O, forgiveness, O, my queen.
I feel like god, i feel like asking...

Spare me the motive.
Tempt me devotion.
You speak with your motion.
Track Name: Icarus
Shall I take from the emperor that which is his?
Will I shed his robes and taste of his lips?
Shall I grasp his flame and reach the sun
And surpass the Icarus that I once was?

Or will her sorrow swoon me sound
And swallow me til six feet down?
A slender chance that I might claim
my rightful name before too long.
Unless the fates of winter wait,
Alas, a harsh but perfect song
About a boy with feather dreams
And bitter bliss that line his wings.

So cross your heart and fold your hands
As I invoke the names
Of the lion and the lamb.
Track Name: Sakura
Spreading your ashes,
I'm all bashful,
The fire tonight is blue.
Tumbling in verses,
I'm all curses,
Your echoes are shades of rouge.

Can't you hear the laughter in your soul?
Don't you see the rapture in my eyes?

I miss you in pieces,
Thunder and sleepsick,
I dream of you instead.
I've kept all your shoes
And eloquent ques.
The word of god is red.

Won't you feign disaster with my pride?
I'm all soft epiphany and smiles.
Can't you hear the laughter in your soul?

You'll find me. You'll find me alone.
You'll find me. You'll find me again.

The fire tonight is red...
Track Name: Isis
I see your dress just slink off,
Fall to the floor.
But keep the windows open,
There's a storm tonight.
Track Name: There There (The Bony King Of Nowhere)
In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape,
Broken branches trip me as I speak.
Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there.

There's always a siren singing you to shipwreck.
(Don't reach out, don't reach out.)
Steer away from these rocks, we'd be a walking disaster.
(Don't reach out, don't reach out.)

Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there.
(There's someone on your shoulder.)

There there...

Why so green and lonely?
Heaven sent you to me, to me.

We are accidents waiting, waiting to happen.

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